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20 May 2008 @ 04:25 pm
The Lines You Amend (Frank/Gerard) 1/7  
Title: The Lines You Amend

Disclaimer: I own nothing, and this clearly never happened.
Warnings: Kid!fic! Broken hearts! Het! A tiny bit of on-screen sex! Hugging!
You must must must read Forever, Now and Star Shaped before you read this. I hope you have an afternoon or two to kill.

Summary: Everybody knows it sucks to grow up.

80,000 words, PG-13 Please read it here on the Archive of our Own now, where you can see it all on one page, and it's downloadable and so on. :)

Author's Note:
This is it, folks. The very, very last story in the Forever, Now universe. I hope you enjoy, and it was worth the wait. <3